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Learners (CBT) Academy - Save 60%

The Learners Academy has been designed to enhance Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), when used alongside practical motorcycle instruction and is for anyone intending to complete a CBT. The Learners Academy is also an excellent revision tool for novice riders and recommended for those who are returning to riding after a break from two wheels or about to embark on Module One training. [read more]

Module One Academy - Save 60%

The Module One Academy is a comprehensive on-line video based MOD1 training resource that has been designed to work alongside Module One practical motorcycle training. The Module One Academy is not intended to substitute professional motorcycle training or encourage a do-it-yourself approach. However, time invested in the Module One Academy has been proven to significantly boost learning, skills, motorcycle safety awareness and overall training effectiveness. [read more]

Module Two Academy - Save 60%

The Module Two Academy offers a video based training guide that has been designed to compliment practical MOD2 motorcycle training and to help candidates to pass their Module Two motorcycle test. The academy includes a full series of preparation videos, along with detailed key motorcycle skills training, a comprehensive junction guide and access to mock MOD2 tests. [read more]

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Unconditional money-back guarantee!

VideoBiker unconditional money-back guaranteeWhilst site users are welcome to pay full price, we invite all VideoBiker members to take advantage of savings of up to 80% on our regular published prices. An excellent first-step is to join VideoBiker completely free-of-charge. This free option is not an ’empty’ membership, but comes packed with value – including access to a complete series of CBT, Module One and Module Two motorcycle training audios, plus sample motorcycle training videos, full access to exclusive member offers, an exclusive App and much more!

Savings of up to 60% (& up to 80%)

For site users who require immediate access to a VideoBiker Academy, Package or Club – we highly recommend using one of the available VideoBiker discount codes. Discount codes offer savings of up to 80% and can be obtained via participating motorcycle training schools (ATB’s) or via the VideoBiker ATB Directory. For complete peace-of-mind, subject to our policies – VideoBiker memberships include a 90-day unconditional money-back and satisfaction guarantee.

VideoBiker testimonials

VideoBiker provided a single, convenient, focused and structured learning resource, that coupled with professional practical training, was instrumental in guiding a proud first-time Module One pass. [read more]

Lucas Wright, British Army
Course: Module One Academy & MOD1

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