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Brilliants! Thanks for applying for ‘beta’ access. There are a few things for us to manually set-up, but we will get on to that asap. Expect to hear back from us within two working days and if you were hoping for quicker access –  please get in touch and we will do our best to help. ps. A small donation to the Air Ambulance would be massively appreciated. Please click on the  donation link below and dig deep

In 2015, the Midlands Air Ambulance flew 126 missions in support of motorcycle riders! This cost a staggering £315,000! You are invited to make a donation (however small) to help raise £10,000 for the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity – enough to cover just four Air Ambulance missions!
Virgin Money Giving - Midlands Air Ambulance
  • Tony Roach - Midlands Air Ambulance biker storyTony was involved in a collision with a car whilst waiting at temporary traffic lights. A car driver made a u-turn without looking properly, resulting is a serious life-changing injury for Tony. The Midlands Air Ambulance quickly air lifted Tony to Selly Oak Hospital for emergency treatment.

    I can’t speak highly enough of the emergency services and especially the Air Ambulance for what they did for me on that day – Tony Roach, Biker.

  • Biker Charlotte Lloyd - serious injuriesCharlotte suffered a broken leg and elbow following a road traffic accident, where she had been riding as a pillion with her partner. The vehicle in front, having missed a turn, performed an emergency stop. Charlotte’s partner’s motorcycle lost grip, was unable to stop in time and Charlotte was thrown into the air.

    I had already known that a lot of bikers are airlifted by Midlands Air Ambulance but I can now truly say that they do fantastic work and help save a lot of lives – Charlotte Lloyd, Mother of three.

  • Life changing back injuriesOne minute Tom was on his bike, commuting home on his Suzuki – the next, he was lying in a field, surrounded by people, with a broken back and eight broken ribs. The impact on Tom’s life was dramatic, but he considers himself one of the luck ones.

    Midlands Air Ambulance Charity is amazing, I’m so thankful that the crew came to my rescue, and I honestly don’t think I would be here without them – Tom Milligan, former warehouse worker.

  • A second chance at lifeA head on collision resulting in two punctured lungs, a shattered pelvis, amputated leg and major blood loss. Within seven minutes, the Air Ambulance team had John in the hands of specialist trauma care at Selly Oak Hospital.

    If it wasn’t for Midlands Air Ambulance I wouldn’t be here. The road journey would have been too long and I wouldn’t have made it – John Brown, former Paramedic.

  • Forever in your debtWith a severe head injury and multiple fractures, paramedics knew John would not survive the road journey to hospital. In a race against time, Midlands Air Ambulance flew John to Stoke Royal Infirmary.

    Whilst there were many heroes along the way, had it not been for the Midlands Air Ambulance responding to John’s emergency, there would have been no John for them to save – John Smith, Biker.

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