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Advanced riding is a way of riding a motorcycle that ensures motorcyclists can be in control at all times and can react safely to any situation, whilst having a methodical system in place to help deal with any given hazard. The UK police endorse and utilise an advanced riding approach known as ‘the system of motorcycle control’ in conjunction with Roadcraft and thorough training. It is this ‘system’ that underpins most advanced motorcycle training in the UK and is the foundation of VideoBiker advanced motorcycle training resources.


Cornering – right hand bend
Cornering – left hand bend
Overtaking (1)
Overtaking (2)
Overtaking (3)
Counter steering
Braking when cornering

The Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) is a DVSA motorcycle course that is ideal for those who have recently passed their full motorcycle test. [more]

RoSPA advanced training is based on the ‘system of motorcycle control’ as covered in Motorcycle Roadcraft, the Police Riders Handbook. [more]

IAM Roadsmart offers advanced qualification. Courses are delivered by IAM volunteers via the network of local IAM Roadsmart groups. [more]

Diamond offers ‘standard’ and ‘elite’ advanced motorcycle test options that are mostlt suited to the needs of professional riders. [more]

Biker Down is a UK motorcycle safety training course that focuses on incident management, first aid and the science of being seen. [more]

BikeSafe empowers riders to embrace the value of ongoing motorcycle training and reduce motorcycle accident statistics. [more]

Get the VideBiker Advaned Academy – the UK’s most comprehensive video based motorcycle training resource to enhance and prepare for Advanced motorcycle training. [read more]

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