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Biker Down is a free motorcycle safety training course (available throughout the UK) that focuses on how to deal with motorcycle accidents. The Biker Down course is split into three parts: (1) Motorcycle accident scene management, (2) First aid for motorcyclists, and (3) The science of being seen.

Learn how to manage the scene of a motorcycle accident with Biker Down

Motorcycle accident management

This module covers the do’s and don’t of how to safely ‘manage’ a motorcycle accident scene, and in particular from a ‘first on the scene’ perspective. This includes tips on how to manage adrenaline and how to avoid going into panic mode. Then follows accident scene management, along with basic triage and essential life-saving first aid. Also included is safety advice on traffic management, how to utilise other resources and key information that needs to be gathered. This might include photographs of the scene and also of the casualty (to pass on to paramedics), along with an insight of how helmet damage can assist with injury assessment.

Motorcycle first aid

This section of Biker Down takes a look at specific motorcycle first aid, including: trauma, the mechanism of injury, specific snatch rescue techniques, managing spinal injuries, crash helmet removal, along with basic life support and CPR.

The science of being seen on a motorcycle

This unique to Biker Down session takes an depth look at the science of being seen – both on a motorcycle and whilst involved with an accident scene. Questions are asked regarding the effectiveness of high-visibility clothing, along with discussion around the subjects of ‘motion camouflage’ and ‘looming’ – both of which can have a significant impact on being seen.

Biker Down - motorcycle incident management, first aid

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