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RoSPA Advanced rider training

RoSPA advanced motorcycle training

RoSPA advanced motorcycle training is open to any rider holding a full/valid motorcycle licence. RoSPA has a network of local groups around the UK who offer advanced motorcycle training, in preparation for the RoSPA Advanced Riding test. Advanced motorcycle training is delivered by RoSPA volunteer riders who have themselves already passed the advanced test to a high standard. RoSPA Advanced Riders are required to retake this test every three years, thus ensuring that a high standard is maintained.

Motorcycle Roadcraft, the Police Riders Handbook

RoSPA advanced motorcycle training is based on the ‘system of motorcycle control’ as covered in Motorcycle Roadcraft, the Police Riders Handbook. Whilst training can be delivered via an intensive four day course, it is usually delivered over a period of months during a riders spare time. In either case, the goal is to pass the RoSPA Advanced Test and to achieve advanced motorcycle status. Such riders are generally less likely to be involved in a road traffic accident, as they will be better at anticipating, more observant and with advanced riding skills. RoSPA advanced riders learn a systematic approach of defensive riding, hazard management and risk reduction.

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