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Advanced motorcycle training video guide & test tips (Advanced Academy)

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UK's most comprehensive IPSGA video training guide

The VideoBiker Advanced Academy is structured to enhance and complement professionally delivered advanced motorcycle training. For the majority of riders, this will be post-test advanced training via one of the recognised  providers i.e. the DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS). Uniquely, ERS is the only ‘crown backed’ fully DVSA certified route to gaining an advanced riding qualification and in most cases, is delivered by full-time professional instructors. Other popular routes to advanced rider qualifications include IAM RoadSmart and RoSPA, both of whom provide structured advanced training, that culminate in industry recognised advanced riding tests.

Common to all advanced motorcycle training is an approach known as ‘the system of motorcycle control‘ –  also referred to as simply ‘the system’. At the core of this police based approach to advanced rider training is IPSGA (Information, Position, Speed, Gear and Acceleration). The VideoBiker Advanced Academy helps post-test and experienced riders to understand IPSGA and to prepare for advanced rider training.

How does the Advanced Academy work?

This motorcycle training academy provides video guides covering the five core principles of IPSGA. These are: Information, Position, Speed, Gear and Acceleration – all key to riding a motorcycle at the highest levels of skill, as well as being essential to rider safety and dealing with hazards.

Academy members can conveniently access advanced riding instructional videos, instructor tips, MP3’s, knowledge tests and other advanced resources. Through these convenient 24/7 resources and guides, members gain a thorough knowledge of IPSGA/advanced riding techniques ahead of their practical instructor-led training.

Learners Academy Instructors - Simon Hayes & Mike Harbon

Simon Hayes - learners academy Motorcycle InstructorA full-time instructor since 1991, Simon Hayes is amongst the UK’s most experienced motorcycle training instructors and since 1996 has operated a respected multi-site motorcycle training business. Twenty years of dedication to the highest possible standards of motorcycle training has forged a reputation for motorcycle training excellence.

Marcus McCormick - VideoBiker reviewVideoBiker is accountable to an independent Advisory Panel. All advanced content is evaluated, with feedback used to ensure value, validity and to advise required changes. Courses are then further verified and sponsored by a nominated instructor. The Advanced Academy is sponsored by RoSPA and IAM Examiner, Marcus McCormick.