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94% of users said their motorcycle training was enhanced & 91% said they would recommend VideoBiker to a friend.

VideoBiker advertising opportunities

VideoBiker advertising opportunities include:

Academy Sponsorship
Academy & resource pages adverts
Academy specific text adverts
Blog adverts
Newsletter advertising opportunities
Directory submission & adverts
Corporate sponsorship

Full details available on request.

Academy sponsorship

Academy sponsorship (Learners, Module One, Module Two and Advanced) includes the following on a 12 month exclusive basis:

Sponsor credit + logo (all Academy pages)
Sponsor credit + logo (all member account pages)
Editorial opportunities in blog, electronic newsletters & social media
Dedicated VideoBiker page(s)
Directory entries ( & associated sites)
Opportunities to promote special offers, discount vouchers etc
Leader-board advert within ‘matching’ resource section
Product/brand specific video(s)

Motorcycle training hub

Banner, editorial, text and video advertising opportunities within the ‘Motorcycle Training Hub‘ – over 200 public pages of dedicated Compulsory Basic Training, Module One, Module Two and Advanced motorcycle training resources – highly SEO targeted to learner/novice riders. Includes public doorway pages to Academy and Blog posts that are specific to CBT, Module One, Module Two and Advanced motorcycle training, along with 150 members only Academy pages (only available to paying VideoBiker members).

Corporate sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship is for companies, charities and organisations whose interests and activities are aligned with improving motorcycle safety and/or the betterment of motorcycle training and the interests of motorcycle training professionals.

Membership benefits
Editorial opportunities – blog, electronic newsletters & social media
Dedicated page(s)
Directory entries ( & associated sites)
Opportunities to promote special offers, discount vouchers etc
Corporate membership page listings
Video adverts

Full details available on request.

90% of site users said they felt more informed regarding motorcycle and road safety after utilising a VideoBiker academy

UK's most comprehensive motorcycle training video guides

VideoBiker academies are designed to enhance and work alongside instructor-led practical DVSA motorcycle training courses such as Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), Module One (MOD1), Module Two (MOD2) and the DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS). The Learners Academy is also a good novice rider revision tool and recommended as a starting point for ‘born-again bikers’ and those returning to riding after a break.

How do the academies work?

VideoBiker academies give access to over 35 hours of comprehensive rider education which helps learner riders to more effectively prepare for their instructor-led practical training courses. Each academy includes: instructional videos (classroom & practical), fact-sheets, MP3’s, knowledge tests, along with instructor top-tips and rider safety advice. By participating, members can gain a thorough understanding of their respective motorcycle training course ahead of their practical training.

Each academy is designed to perfectly compliment the corresponding practical training course. Essential preparation is covered and novice rider stress is usually significantly reduced. VideoBiker members report increased levels of confidence, skill, safety and enjoyment, plus are far more likely to achieve a successful outcome. 

  • Tom Warsop VideoBiker testimonial Devitt Insurance

    Better prepared & ready for my CBT

    Prepared me CBT and helped me to understand the basics. [more]

    Tom Warsop, Devitt Insurance

  • Lucas Wright

    Quality, convenient video based training

    Instrumental in guiding a proud first-time Module One pass. [more]

    Lucas Wright, British Army

  • Marcus McCormick - VideoBiker review

    Comprehensive tool for anyone learning to ride

    Comprehensive tool – dispelling myths & fears. [more]

    Marcus McCormickIAM & RoSPA Examiner

  • Laura Smith - Motorcycle Training Instructor


    A superb teaching aid & home-based resource for students. [more]

    Laura Smith, Motorcycle Training Instructor

  • Read more

    Excellent preparation for CBT learner training

    Without this I would have been at something of a disadvantage! [more]

    Paul Ingram, Retired Teacher

  • Mike Harbon - Motorcycle Instructor


    Innovative step forward, reinforces practical training. [more]

    Mike Harbon, Motorcycle Training Instructor

  • Dr Ian Mew, DocBike

    Everything is absolutely outstanding

    Quality of videos, content, everything is absolutely outstanding! [more]

    Dr Ian Mew, Air Ambulance Doctor

  • Paul Barrett - Motorcycle Training Instructor


    An excellent instruction enhancing tool for candidates. [more]

    Paul Barrett, Motorcycle Training Instructor

  • VideoBiker answered all my questions

    VideoBiker answered all my questions

    To conveniently repeat and replay was really valuable. [more]

    Panayiotis Vorgias-Turnball, University Student

Highly effective motorcycle training preparation

Focuses on novice & learner riders
Is very effective at preparing riders for training
Results in significantly less novice rider stress
Is designed to greatly enhance the value of training
Covers essential motorcycle riding theory
Is proven to increase novice rider confidence
Detailed discussion of the essential practical skills
Empowers rider responsibility & encourages safe riding
Results in better levels of hazard awareness
Maximises training enjoyment

Structured and logical approach

Comprehensive video training modules
Individual exercise overviews
Detailed fact-sheets
Instructor narrated example road-rides & tests
Interactive progress tests
Highly informative audio guides (MP3)
Detailed training eBooks
Instructors top tips
Member discounts and special offers
Exclusive motorcycle insurance discount
No quibble 90-day money back guarantee

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