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Giving back to ATB's & their instructors

The Instructor (ATB) Reward Card is part of VideoBiker’s mission to recognise the significant contribution to industry that is made by motorcycle training schools and their instructors. Anyone wishing to learn to ride a motorcycle must spend time with a DVSA certified motorcycle training instructor. They lay a foundation of theory, skills and motorcycle safety for all new riders, plus influence student receptiveness to investing in higher essential levels of advanced riding.

In addition, instructors influence the buying and brand decisions of novice riders. For example – instructors offer opinions on what motorcycle to buy; they give advice on the best brands of protective clothing to wear; they recommend local motorcycle mechanics and service/MOT centres.

Instructors give suggestions regarding motorcycle insurance; they sign-post novice riders on to ERS, IAM Roadsmart and RoSPA for further motorcycle training; they tell riders where to buy their tyres; they give information about shows, launches, clubs, charities, tours and other motorcycle related ‘events’. The list is endless and their industry contribution needs higher levels of recognition! The VideoBiker (ATB) reward card is an example of our focus on both recognising and helping motorcycle training schools, along with their army of highly skilled and qualified instructors.

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