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Supporting British Bikers Relief Foundation

The British Biker Relief Foundation (BBRF) is a fully registered UK charity (number: 1161587) that is run by a dedicated team of volunteers and fundraisers. BBRF supports UK motorcyclists and families affected by life changing injuries or a fatality, resulting from a road traffic accident. In the true spirit of the biker community, the BBRF extend their support to all motorcyclists and not just to BBRF members. Whilst members are eligible for a ‘membership death benefit’, the BBRF can also arrange counselling, physiotherapy, mobility aids, home help, small grants and other bespoke practical support. The British Biker Relief Foundation is generally fast to take action and prides itself on helping, when that help is most needed. [join today or make a donation]

A passion for helping their fellow bikers

A conversation with any British Biker Relief Foundation volunteer, quickly reveals a passion for helping fellow Bikers – particularly at those times, when support is most needed. Founder, Andy Arscott, explained to us that whilst emergency services support and subsequent medical care is generally outstanding in the UK – there was something missing. Through his own experiences, he uncovered a need for timely practical support. A need for a helping hand, an understanding ear and bespoke community driven support. These experiences were the foundation stones of the British Biker Relief Foundation, which several years on, is now a thriving and well supported charitable organisation. The BBRF steps in to help motorcyclists who have been seriously affected by a road traffic accident. They do this is a timely way and take pride in delivering all types of support – at the time it is most needed.

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Supporting the BBRF - British Bikers Relief Foundation

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