Avoiding common rider faults (CBT)

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Avoiding common CBT rider faults

Two-wheeled riding skills

Before completing a CBT, students should be able to ride a two wheeled pushbike. This ensures the minimum sufficient balance and skill to ride a motorcycle or moped. CBT students who cannot ride a pushbike (or have not ridden one for some time) may have difficulty riding a motorcycle. Students should refresh their ‘two-wheeled’ skills before attending for motorcycle training.

Checking eyesight & driving licence

CBT students must have a driving licence and any glasses/contact lenses in their possession. This is because training providers are required to check the licence and eyesight of every student. Failing to comply may result in a cancelled CBT and lose of training fee.

Pre-CBT study is wise

During a CBT, new riders need to absorb lots of new information and for this reason, pre-CBT study is wise and will result in a more fruitful training experience. The VideoBiker Learners Academy is structured to pave the way to the best possible CBT training experience and can be used in conjunction with other pre-CBT resources.

Avoiding poor CBT outcomes

  • Avoid feeling rushed, overwhelmed or intimidated
  • Opt for training that allows students to learn at their own pace
  • Do not look down at the ground when learning to ride
  • Don’t proceed onto the road-ride stage unless fully confident
  • Request more off-road foundational skills training if required
  • Study the highway code before attending CBT
  • Ensure familiarity with local road network*
  • Trust CBT Instructor’s judgement, listen and take their advice
  • Accept that it is natural to feel a little apprehensive at first
  • If very nervous, students should not put themselves in harm’s way
  • Always be safe, in control of both emotions and the motorcycle

* Lack of road familiarity can be overwhelming. Prior to a CBT, new riders could ask a qualified driver or rider to take them around the roads used by their local motorcycle training school.

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