Daily motorcycle checks (CBT)

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Daily motorcycle checks

Daily motorcycle safety checks

Riders should learn how to safety-check their motorcycle on a daily basis and given that this basic daily check only takes a minute or so there is no excuse! Confidence in a motorcycle’s road worthiness translates to increased rider safety and significantly less chance of a dangerous (poor-maintenance related) situation. If higher mileage journeys are being planned, then more extensive checks would be required. In relation to basic daily checks, see below:

Daily checks (VOLTS)

This is a useful mnemonic to remember the essential daily checks, to be carried out at the beginning of each day (or journey).

V – Visual
O – Oil
L – Lights
T – Tyres and brakes
S – Steering and suspension

There are a number of commonly used mnemonics used to reference daily motorcycle checks – VOLTS being a popular one. Learners riders are advised to check with their local training provider, who may have a good alternative.

VideoBiker Advisory Panel advice

Marcus McCormick advises, “Ensure you check the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to check your bike and you should make time to check the tyres air, condition and tread.”

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