Holding the bars (CBT)

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Holding the bars (motorcycle handlebars)

The correct grip is imperative

Having the correct grip on the handlebars is imperative when riding a motorcycle. By adopting a light grip, learner riders will avoid suffering with sore hands, tension in the arms, shoulder and neck. A light grip translates to an overall more relaxed and less fatigued riding style, along with significantly improved handling skills.

Right hand

The right hand operates the throttle. Maintaining a ‘flat’ wrist posture, without angling the wrist over or dropping it down will result in a far more effective operation of the throttle – ensuring maximum control, without getting a sore wrist. The thumb of the right hand should be used to operate the right-handlebar switch gear, whilst ensuring a full grip remains on the throttle. Fingertips should be used to operate the front brake.

Left hand

The left hand holds the left-handlebar grip and when needed the fingertips are used to operate the clutch. The thumb of the left hand is used to operate the left-handlebar switch gear.

VideoBiker advisory panel advice

Marcus McCormick advises: “Remember the grip on the bars should be enough to have full control – just a ‘light but secure grip’ would suffice.” Mike Harbon suggests: “If experiencing tension in the shoulders – relax the shoulders and wiggle the fingers. This eases the tension – elbows will drop and shoulders will become more relaxed.”

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