Learning to ride a motorcycle (CBT)

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Learning to ride a motorcycle with VideoBiker Learners Academy

An exhilarating pastime

Whilst for many, biking is an exhilarating pastime – increasing numbers are learning to ride a motorcycle for economic reasons. On-the-whole, motorcycles are less expensive to purchase, tax and insure than cars. Taking account of the cost of learning, they offer a cheaper route to getting mobile for the first time. Parking is generally easier and less expensive with a motorcycle. Bikes can also afford faster travel, by allowing riders to minimise the frustrations of traffic congestion. Given these benefits, there is also a good case for motorcycles as a greener alternative.

Riders must take responsibility

All good arguments in favour of two wheels, but on the flip-side – new (and existing) riders must recognise and take responsibility for their own vulnerability on the roads. This requires an investment in good protective motorcycle clothing, plus a commitment to both compulsory and ongoing skills training. On today’s faster, congested and more ‘distracted’ roads – rider responsibility demands the highest levels of observation, anticipation and of intuitively reading-the-road.

CBT is just a starting point

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is a starting point. Whilst it sets minimum standards for new riders, allowing them to ride unaccompanied on the roads – it is effectively the lowest measure of rider skill and rider safety. This slightly contentious observation is supported by statistics that attribute a disproportionate number of motorcycle accidents to rider error.

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