Motorcycle training preparation (CBT)

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Motorcycle training preparation

Preparing for motorcycle training

Introduced in 1990 – Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is a legal requirement for all motorcyclists before they can ride on UK roads. Since the introduction of this compulsory training, the UK has seen significant improvements in motorcycle accident statistics.

Driving licence requirements

Participants must hold a driving licence (full or provisional) with the correct ‘Category A’ entitlement (A or AM). Those who passed a car test before February 2001, should already have ‘Category AM’ entitlement to ride a moped. A new riders training experience can be more effective with pre-CBT preparation. We recommend Learners Academy, where video and eLearning can boost understanding, before undertaking an actual CBT.

Motorcycle training dress code

CBT students are required to wear appropriate clothing. As a minimum, they must wear a helmet. They should also wear thick denim jeans, heavy jacket, sturdy boots and motorcycle gloves. Shorts, t-shirts and trainers are not appropriate. An investment in motorcycle clothing offers the best levels of protection. Most training schools can loan their students a helmet, gloves and a high-viz vest. Some also loan jackets and other items. CBT participants should check well in advance of their training day.

Motorcycle eyesight test

Glasses and contact lenses are allowed, but before a CBT can begin, students are required to read a number plate from 20.5 metres. Poor eye sight commonly goes undiagnosed – so If in any doubt, a pre-CBT eye test is highly recommended.
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Compulsory Basic Training

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