Weekly bike checks (CBT)

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Weekly bike checks

At all times roadworthy

Riders should learn how to fully check their bike to ensure that it is at all times roadworthy. The road is dangerous enough without adding further risk by not having a serviceable motorcycle!

Weekly checks (POWDDERSS)

Instructors always offer advice on how to keep a motorcycle in a safe and roadworthy condition. To help remember the essential weekly bike checks, the mnemonic POWDDERSS is a good memory aid. There are a number of other excellent approaches to bring the right routine to weekly checks. Learner riders are advised to check with their local training school for their regions preferred method.

P – Petrol
O – Oil
W – Water
D – Drive
D – Damage
E – Electric
R – Rubber
S – Steering
S – Suspension

It is also important to reference the motorcycle owner’s manual for specific checks and routine servicing requirements.

VideoBiker Advisory Panel advice

Marcus McCormick advises, “The chain should be checked at its tightest point (ask your trainer for more information) and ensure the oil/chain-lube does not go onto the rear tyre. When checking the dipstick, remove, wipe clean, reinsert (do not screw back in), take out and check the level.”

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