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cbt junction guide for learner motorcycle riders

Following practical CBT training and the classroom briefing, CBT candidates are required to ride on the road for around two hours, where a variety of junctions and riding scenarios will be covered. If the CBT instructor assesses a suitable level of competency whilst riding solo, a DL196 CBT certificate (valid for two years) will be issued. See below for a variety of useful CBT tips regrading commonly encountered junctions.

OSMPSL routine

OSMPSL routine for motorcycle observations
OSMPSL is a basic riding system to help riders safely navigate junctions and a variety of other hazards. [more]

Left at 't' junction

Turning left T junction - CBT - learner motorcycle training
Turning left at a ‘T’ junction (left turn, minor to major), whilst an easier junctions, does have risk factors to consider. [more]

Right at side road

Safely turning right into side roads on a motorcycle
Turning right into a side road (right turn, major to minor) is often a difficult turn for learner riders. [more]

Right at roundabouts

How to turn right at a roundabout on a motorcycle
This can be a challenging roundabout for learner/CBT riders and professional training is considered vital. [more]

Slowing down

Slowing down for junctions on a motorcycle
With braking/gears, riders should be in the correct position, at the correct speed and in the correct gear. [more]

Left at side road

Turning left into side roads
Riders normally position slightly left, in the wheel track (where the left wheels of a car normally reside). [more]

Left at roundabouts

How to turn left at a roundabout on a motorcycle
Turning left at roundabouts is like turning left at a regular junction, but whilst maintaining a dominant position. [more]

Poor stopping

Motorcycle junction advice - poor stopping at junctions
Looking late can translate to a late decision to stop, along with overloaded front suspension and balance issues. [more]

Right at 'T' junction

Turning right at 'T' junctions
Turning right at a ‘T’ junction is one of the hardest junctions for a learner rider or CBT candidate to navigate. [more]

Ahead at roundabouts

Motorcycle training video - straight ahead at roundabouts
Approach is the same as turning left, but with no indication, communicating the intent to ride straight on. [more]

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