OSMPSL routine (CBT)

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OSMPSL routine for motorcycle observations

OSMPSL can be adapted

The OSMPSL routine is a DVSA endorsed, universally recognised – basic system of riding, that was designed to help riders safely navigate junctions, roundabouts and a variety of other hazards. For learner riders, OSMPSL acts as a perfect starting point – helping them to develop safe riding habits and to make safe decisions. Whilst the OSMPSL routine offers an excellent foundation, it is not 100% written in stone. As novice riders develop their skills, experience and confidence, OSMPSL can be adapted to accommodate prevailing conditions and different scenarios.

Basic system of riding for learners

O – Observation: Check all around – into the blind spot and behind – gather information about surroundings.

S – Signal: Executed in plenty of time to warn others of intended manoeuvre. Avoid giving false indications and indicating too soon.

M – Manoeuvre: When it is safe manoeuvre, along with the appropriate additional observations (mirror checks and lifesavers)

P – Position: Adopt the correct road position for the approaching junction or hazard. This requires good observation and forward planning.

S – Speed: Reduce speed in good time using a combination of engine braking, front and rear brakes. Be prepared to stop or continue – in that order.

L – Look: Approaching the junction or hazard look into the intended area of travel – ensure it is safe to proceed. Carry out further observations and a lifesaver if necessary.

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