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Motorcycle training video - straight on at roundabouts

Time must be taken to look early ‘into’ the roundabout

As with all junctions, correctly using the OSMPSL routine is imperative. Riders should approach the roundabout at an appropriate speed, in the correct gear, whilst adopting a dominant position in the centre of their lane. Take note of any road markings and if there aren’t any – use the left hand lane. The approach is exactly the same as for turning left, but without the need to indicate – which in turn communicates intent to ride straight on.

Time must be taken to look early ‘into’ the roundabout and once the decision to go is made – move into the centre of the left hand lane (also referred to as the outer lane). On reaching the point of no return (passing the exit before the one to be taken), apply the left indicator to show intention to leave the roundabout. Carry out a lifesaver to ensure it is safe to leave the roundabout and then exit into the new lane. Once in the new lane cancel signal and continue.

Professional roundabout training is imperative

Professional training is imperative, especially for complicated roundabouts and a local training provider will ensure riders know how to deal with various roundabouts safely before being unaccompanied on the road.

  • Use the OSMPSL routine on approach
  • Ensure correct position to protect road space
  • Maintain the correct speed on approach
  • Always be prepared to stop at the roundabout
  • Stay in the middle of the outer (left-hand) lane for safety
  • Take sufficient time and do not rush
  • In the roundabout, avoid cutting across into the inner lane
  • Lifesaver or observation before leaving the roundabout
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