Turning left into a side-road (CBT)

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Turning left side roads

Left turns tend to be easier

This manoeuvre is also referred to as ‘left turn, major to minor road’. Left turns tend to be easier, especially for learner riders. That said, hazards are always present and it is important to use the OSMPSL routine, whilst reducing speed in plenty of time to ensure correct road position and to look early into the junction to assess hazards.

Approaching this kind of junction, riders will normally position slightly left – in the left wheel track (where the left hand wheels of a car are normally positioned). Be aware of road surface hazards i.e. drain covers, leaves, loose gravel and parked vehicles. Maintain good rearward observations – being vigilant for overtaking traffic, as other vehicles may impatiently try to pass.

Local training school will have their own views

An alternative position is to stay in the centre of the lane and to dominate the road on approach to the junction. Local motorcycle training providers will have their own views on correct junction position and their advice should be sought.

Follow kerb line around at the junction

  • Also known as ‘left turn – major to minor’
  • Use the OSMPSL routine on approach
  • Ensure correct position and protect road space
  • Check correct speed on approach
  • Follow kerb line around at the junction for good position
  • Do not accelerate too early and avoid drifting wide

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