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Safely turning right side roads on a motorcycle

Complication of giving way to oncoming traffic

Turning right into a side road (also referred to as ‘right turn – major to minor’) is often a difficult turn for learner riders. This is because of the required position – to the right of the lane, close to the centre. Plus, there is the complication of giving way to oncoming traffic, along with the need for ongoing rearward observations – to be aware of impatient road users who may try to overtake or undertake.

As with all junctions, the OSMPSL routine must be used, along with a sufficiently slow speed to allow time to look early into the junction. Riders must ensure they are in the correct gear, at the correct speed and in the correct position. Furthermore, all hazards must be considered i.e. the road surface, drain covers, parked vehicles and pedestrians. If it is clear do a lifesaver at around two car lengths from the turn. This gives time to look forward, assess the road ahead, whilst there is still enough space to either turn safely or to stop. Where the decision is to stop, another lifesaver is essential before continuing.

Always be prepared to stop at the junction

  • Also known as ‘right turn – major to minor’
  • Use the OSMPSL routine
  • Ensure correct position on approach to protect road space
  • Maintain the correct speed on approach
  • Always be prepared to stop at the junction
  • Lifesaver before committing to right turn
  • Take time and do not rush
  • Avoid cutting the corner or turning late and ‘swan-necking’
  • When safe, make the turn – under control and safely

Nb. Check with local motorcycle trainer for definition of ‘swan-necking’ and the problems it can cause.

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