Turning right at ‘T’ junctions (CBT)

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Turning right t junctions

One of the hardest junctions for novice riders

To safely turn right at a ‘T’ junction will require full use of the OSMPSL routine, whilst slowing down soon enough to look early ‘into’ the junction and in both directions. Turning right at a ‘T’ junction is considered one of the hardest junctions for a learner rider to navigate. Approach, positioning and slow control are critical, as navigating this particular junction requires the rider to give way in both directions, whilst dealing with oncoming traffic. Time spent in the safety of an off-road training area – practising slow control and confidently pulling away will pay dividends.

Whilst always being ready to stop (unless there is a mandatory stop sign), approaching this junction at the correct speed, in the correct gear and with optimum positioning – should allow a decision to be made by looking into the junction early enough. There is still a requirement to maintain ongoing rearward observation, in case of other road users trying to undertake or overtake. Other hazards to assess include: drain covers, road surface, parked vehicles and oncoming traffic.

Position correctly on approach to protect road space

Also known as a ‘turning right – minor to major’
OSMPSL routine is vital
Position correctly on approach to protect road space
Correct speed on approach to position, look and decide
Always be prepared to stop at the junction
Decide a car length from the junction to: look forward and stop in first gear behind the white line or to look forward, in the direction of travel and ride forward
Aim slightly to the right at the mouth of the junction
When safe, ride on – slowly, under control and safely

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