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First time on the road 125cc motorcycle rider

Riding independently can be daunting

With CBT completed, riding-out independently for the first-time can be a daunting experience. New riders must avoid being rushed and should plan short, local journeys to begin with. They should complete their safety checks before each journey and always wear full motorcycle protective clothing.

From this very first journey, new riders must take responsibility by assuming they are invisible – therefore anticipating the actions of other road users and riding defensively. Furthermore, they should opt for motorcycle clothing that enhances their visibility – with priority given to being seen versus looking fashionable. Keeping a motorcycles headlight constantly on is highly recommended.

First-time riders should think before every manoeuvre and develop the disciplined habit of good all-round observation and life-savers. They should take care at all road junctions, particularly during times of peak traffic flow and reduced visibility.

Be aware of rider fatigue

New riders should consider the weather and ensure that they have sufficient layers and waterproofs to deal with the wet and cold. If travelling on a long journey, they should also plan regular rest and drink stops along their route, being mindful of how easily rider fatigue and dehydration can negatively impact their concentration.

It takes time to get comfortable with helmet, gloves, jacket, boots etc. New riders should be patient with themselves, whilst looking out for things that might cause rider distraction. For example, gloves that are too tight or boots that cause pain, can easily become a significant distraction and add to a novice riders risk.

New riders must also take time to become fully proficient with their (new) motorcycle i.e. getting comfortable with their bikes acceleration and braking characteristics, along with position of controls and even tank range, to avoid running out of fuel.

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