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Post-CBT further motorcycle training

All must complete Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

To ride a motorcycle/moped, all new riders must complete Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and must hold a provisional Category ‘A’ or ‘AM’ driving licence. By default, full car driving licence holders have provisional motorcycle entitlement. With a CBT, riders over 16 can ride a 50cc moped (restricted to 28mph). Riders over 17 can ride a 125cc motorcycle. Riders must display L plates and cannot carry passengers or ride on a motorway.

CBT is only valid for two years

Whilst a CBT is valid for two years, all riders can opt to improve their skills by passing a full motorcycle test. This requires a theory test, further motorcycle training and the completion of a two-part practical motorcycle test known as Module 1 and Module 2. Age dependent, passing this practical test results in the following:

Age 16 = AM (moped licence): 50cc (restricted to 28mph) moped without L-plates. Passenger allowed. Cannot use motorway.

Age 17-18 = A1 (light motorbike licence): 125cc without L-plates. Passenger and motorway allowed.

Age 19-23 = A2 (motorbike licence): A bike up to 35Kw (46.6 bhp) without L-plates. Passenger and motorway allowed. Nb. After two years or from age 24, can take Category ‘A’ motorcycle test to gain unrestricted motorcycle licence. Therefore, a Category ‘A’ unrestricted licence is possible from age 21.

Age 24 = A (unrestricted licence): commonly involving a Direct Access Scheme (DAS) course, with training on a motorcycle of 595 cc and at least 40 KwH (54 BHp). Must be 24 or have held an A2 licence for at least two years (known as Accelerated Access).

Nb. Other licence restrictions may apply. If in doubt, ask your local training provider.

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Compulsory Basic Training

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