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Motorcycle figure-of-eight video guide for CBT students

Head position becomes vital

Figure-of-eight is a slow control exercise. It brings together the co-ordination of clutch, throttle and rear brake, along with the added dynamic of precise steering and correct riding posture.

For learner riders figure-of-eight is not an easy manoeuvre to master. Head position becomes vital, with a requirement to keep the head up and looking in the direction of intended travel. This head posture translates to more accurate and fluid steering. The exercise also gives riders the opportunity to practice maintaining effective throttle and clutch control whilst their arms are extended during each turn that is made.

Imagine a centre point between the two cones

A good technique is to imagine a centre point between the two cones and to use this imagined point as an aiming marker for each complete turn. The rider thus arrives back to the same centre point each time and in preparation for the next ‘circle’. Circles can be large to start with and even in shape to make this exercise easier.

  • Keep the head up to aid balance and stability
  • Be gentle with the throttle
  • Clutch at biting point at all times to control the bikes speed
  • Rear brake only during this exercise
  • Look where the bike needs to go
  • Keep the chin up
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