Motorcycle safety position (CBT)

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Motorcycle safety position

Master the motorcycle safety position

The safety position is an essential skill that all learner riders should master and take seriously. As a riding discipline, adopting the safety position early in training, will result in a novice rider learning how to sit correctly from the start – setting a good foundation for continued learning and proving extremely useful as training becomes more advanced. Mastering the safety position helps with a number of manoeuvres e.g. hill starts.

The safety position encompasses the following:

Aids full throttle control

  1. sitting on the motorcycle
  2. right foot on the rear brake
  3. both hands holding the handlebars
  4. head up – looking forward to aid stability and balance
  5. left foot supporting the motorcycle

Furthermore, first gear might be selected (with the clutch in), ready to pull away.

Adopting the safety position aids full throttle control whilst pulling away. If for example, the front brake is applied, it would be difficult to pull away safely whilst in full control.

Less danger from the rear

By having the right foot up and on the rear brake:

  • correct brake is applied
  • rear brake light is illuminated
  • bike will not roll on a camber
  • right foot is out of harm’s way
  • less danger in the event of a ‘nudge’ from the rear
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