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Selecting neutral and first gear on a motorcycle

Confidence with neutral and first gear

An essential step to getting a motorcycle underway is being confident in selecting both neutral and first gear. This vital skill requires the learner rider to understand how the clutch is operated in conjunction with the gears and the relationship between the clutch, the gears and the ‘drive’. Before moving away for the first time, riders should practice the process of ‘squeezing’ the clutch lever to engage both first gear and neutral, whilst experiencing what to do when second gear is inadvertently selected.

Selecting first gear from neutral

  • Apply front brake and put right foot on floor
  • Pull in the clutch and left foot onto the foot-peg
  • Left toe down onto the gear lever and select 1st gear
  • Left foot down, lift the right foot and apply the rear brake
  • Release the front brake and hold the throttle correctly

Selecting neutral from first gear

  • Apply front brake and right foot down
  • Lift the left foot and push the gear lever up into neutral
  • Left foot down and apply the rear brake with the right foot
  • Release the clutch lever with both brakes still applied
  • Release the front brake lever and hold throttle correctly
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