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Operating gears - motorcycle video training resources

Smoothly/safely changing gear

Competency in operating the gears and ensuring that the right gear is selected is an important skill to master. As well as being aware of how gears can be matched to road speed, it is also important to understand how gears are selected in relation to road conditions, speed limits, hazards and other circumstances.

  • Speed-up : change-up
  • Slow-down : change-down

During training, learner riders will learn about the nature of a motorcycle’s sequential gear box and how to use the controls to smoothly/safely change gear.

Changing up the gears

  • Throttle off before each gear change
  • Clutch in and select the next highest gear
  • Don’t rush the gear change
  • Release the gear lever fully
  • Release the clutch before using the throttle

Changing down the gears

  • Throttle off before each gear change
  • Brake to bring the bike to the desired speed
  • Clutch in and select the next lowest gear
  • Release the clutch slowly to take up the drive
  • At desired speed release the brakes and continue riding
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