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Constructive corrective motorcycle coaching

Advanced riding is a way of riding a motorcycle that ensures motorcyclists can be in control at all times and can react safely to any situation, whilst having a methodical system in place to help deal with any given hazard. The UK police endorse and utilise an advanced riding approach known as ‘the system of motorcycle control’ in conjunction with roadcraft and thorough training. It is this ‘system’ that underpins most advanced motorcycle training in the UK and is the foundation of this Advanced Academy (basic).

Riders need to make a conscious and ongoing effort to improve their riding skills. A desire to improve is not enough on it’s own and must be supplemented with knowledge and professional advanced motorcycle instruction. The VideoBiker Advanced Academy has been designed to introduce core advanced riding theory and to supplement professional, instructor-led advanced rider training. It is commonly used post-test, as a basic introduction to essential advanced riding skills and serves as excellent preparation for riders wishing to complete the DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme, Diamond, RoSPA or IAM RoadSmart advanced riding qualification. The Advanced Academy offers detailed advanced riding explainer videos, plus fact-sheets, knowledge tests, MP3 audios and other resources.

Human beings were not biologically designed to travel at speed and it is no wonder that motorcyclists require coaching to minimise risk. To improve, riders must enhance their skills and knowledge beyond legislated minimum standards of motorcycle training. This means reading, watching professional videos and investing in the previously mentioned advanced motorcycle training.

During the education phase riders need constructive corrective coaching from a professional instructor who can give feedback and advice. Riders must then take time to practice these new advanced riding skills, such that they become second nature. With ongoing practice, time and patience – experience will follow and advanced riding skills will replace previous lower basic skills.

Advanced skills levels

In terms of skill, riding a motorbike is not always ‘black and white’. It could in fact be as much as 98% ‘grey’, with only 1% ‘black’ (wrong) and 1% ‘white’ (right). Riders do not have to be technically perfect, but instead should have a significant focus on being safe and in control. Importantly, being able to ride fast is not a measure of advanced riding skill. This is an all too common and dangerous misconception. Speed, sparks and knee-down should be reserved for the race track and have no place in regular levels of advanced motorcycle training.

With some reading, training and education riders may get a little bit better. But a good learning environment with professional coaching, giving extra knowledge will definitely elevate riding skills and ability. Like 99% of car drivers, after passing the basic motorcycle test, riders do not feel that they need to improve their skills because they hold a full licence! This is a huge error in judgement.

Nobody wants to be looked at as a bad rider, incompetent or erratic. Infact people aspire to being perceived as good, smooth, or even excellent but what category would you put yourself in? Remember the expert was once a novice rider with limited knowledge or skill until they were educated.

The VideoBiker Advanced Academy is logically organised into modules. These can be conveniently accessed 24/7 from any device. Participants can repeatedly watch the videos at their own pace and in a way that complements their individual training needs.

Key learning points

  • Most riders perceived ability is higher than their actual ability. Being aware of this is a positive thing – sometimes defined as being consciously incompetent and is a useful step on the road to becoming an advanced rider
  • A changed riding style can lead to improvements, but to achieve maximum progress, riders must adapt the way they ‘see’ the road
  • All riders have areas that need improving. Commonly, these include cornering and overtaking. With practice and discipline, excellence can be achieved
  • You are the only one who can make the changes to your riding
  • Don’t be a statistic, stay safe and ‘keep it on the black stuff
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