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Enhances Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

Minimum time required to complete Learners Academy (all modules)

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Learners Academy enhances Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), when used with practical motorcycle instruction and is for anyone intending to complete a CBT. It is also a good novice rider revision tool and recommended for those returning to riding after a break. Please note that Learners Academy does not substitute instructor-led training.


Simon Hayes - learners academy Motorcycle InstructorA full-time instructor since 1991, Simon Hayes is amongst the UK’s most experienced motorcycle training instructors and since 1996 has operated a respected multi-site motorcycle training business. Twenty years of dedication to the highest possible standards of motorcycle training has forged a reputation for motorcycle training excellence.


Mike Harbon - learners academy Motorcycle InstructorVideoBiker is accountable to an independent Advisory Panel. All content is evaluated, with feedback used to ensure value, validity and to advise required changes. Courses are then further verified and sponsored by a nominated instructor. Learners Academy is sponsored by experienced DAS and CBT instructor, Mike Harbon.

  • Comprehensive Learners Academy modules include: instructional videos (classroom & practical), fact-sheets, MP3’s, knowledge tests and instructors safety advice.

    Members gain a thorough understanding of Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) ahead of their practical CBT training.

  • Focuses on novice riders
    Effective preparation
    Minimises rider stress
    Enhances CBT training
    Explains theory
    Increases confidence
    Covers essential skills
    Empowers responsibility
    Better hazard awareness
    Encourages safe riding
    Maximises enjoyment

  • Video training modules
    Informational overviews
    Fact sheets
    Example road-rides
    Knowledge tests
    Audio guides (MP3)
    Comprehensive eBook
    Instructors top tips
    Member offers
    Insurance discount
    VideoBiker guarantee

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