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CBT road ride videos for novice riders

CBT road ride videos gives learner riders an opportunity to visually ‘experience’ urban, city and rural road rides – covering most situations encountered on practical on-road CBT motorcycle training. They consolidate all that is covered in the Learners Academy, along with essential road safety advice. Alongside the other modules, these CBT road rides give novice riders a video opportunity to prepare for their motorcycle training – particularly Compulsory Basic Training (CBT).

Minimum time required to complete Learners Academy - Road Rides

31. Urban riding

Learning to ride a motorcycle - urban riding - CBT road ride videos
84% of motorcycle casualties involve a collision with a car, where the most common factor is ‘failed to look properly’. [watch video]

32. City riding

cbt road rides - City road riding motorcycle skills training video
City motorcycle riding, with its intense traffic, can be extremely challenging and with risks to be aware of. [watch video]

33. Rural riding

Motorcycle video training resources - rural road ride
With open A roads, restricted view B roads and single-track unclassified roads, rural riding has many risk factors. [watch video]

34. First road ride

First time on the road 125cc motorcycle rider
New riders must take responsibility, assume they are invisible, anticipate the actions of others and riding defensively. [watch video]

35. Further training

 CBT road ride videos - Post-CBT further motorcycle training
Post-CBT, riders can complete a full motorcycle test, including theory and a two-part practical motorcycle test. [watch video]

36. Take responsibility

Accept that seldom does perceived ability match actual ability, then the value of ongoing training becomes clear. [watch video]