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Learners (CBT) Academy - road rides

Learners CBT Academy road ride video trainingCBT road ride videos allow learners to visually ‘experience’ urban, city and rural road rides – covering most commonly encountered CBT riding scenarios, plus essential road safety advice. Alongside the other modules, these CBT road rides give novice riders a video opportunity to prepare for their motorcycle training – particularly Compulsory Basic Training.

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31. Urban riding

Learning to ride a motorcycle - urban riding - CBT road ride videos
84% of motorcycle casualties involve a collision with a car, where the most common factor is ‘failed to look properly’. [watch video]

32. City riding

cbt road rides - City road riding motorcycle skills training video
City motorcycle riding, with its intense traffic, can be extremely challenging and with risks to be aware of. [watch video]

33. Rural riding

Motorcycle video training resources - rural road ride
With open A roads, restricted view B roads and single-track unclassified roads, rural riding has many risk factors. [watch video]

34. First road ride

First time on the road 125cc motorcycle rider
New riders must take responsibility, assume they are invisible, anticipate the actions of others and riding defensively. [watch video]

35. Further training

 CBT road ride videos - Post-CBT further motorcycle training
Post-CBT, riders can complete a full motorcycle test, including theory and a two-part practical motorcycle test. [watch video]

36. Take responsibility

Accept that seldom does perceived ability match actual ability, then the value of ongoing training becomes clear. [watch video]