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Learners (CBT) Academy - Key skills

Learners Academy ‘members’ should complete Rider Essentials, before moving on to the 10 ‘key motorcycle skills’ that are covered in this section. Working logically through Learners Academy ensures that riders are fully prepared for practical motorcycle instruction with their local training provider. Learners are advised to complete modules 1-20 before starting the Junction Guide.

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Important practical motorcycle riding skills

This section of the Learners Academy is structured to compliment ‘Element C’ (practical on-site riding) of Compulsory Basic Training. Watching these videos helps novice riders to understand important skills such as using the gears, brakes and clutch. The safety position is explained, along with an overview of basic counter steering and emergency braking. Key CBT exercises are also explained.

11. Safety position

Key motorcycle skills - motorcycle safety position
The motorcycle safety position is an essential skill that all CBT candidates should master and take seriously. [watch video]

12. 1st gear & neutral

Selecting neutral and first gear on a motorcycle
Novice & learner (CBT) riders should practice squeezing the clutch lever to engage both first gear & neutral [watch video]

13. Pulling away

Motorcycle - learning to pull away and stop
The five main motorcycle controls are coordinated for the first time – throttle, clutch, front brake, rear brake and gears. [watch video]

14. Slow control

Motorcycle slow control skills
Many situations require slow control skills e.g. filtering, slow moving traffic, riding or pulling away on a slope etc. [watch video]

15. Figure-of-eight

Motorcycle figure-of-eight video guide for CBT students
Figure-of-eight involves co-ordination of clutch, throttle, rear brake, steering and correct riding posture. [watch video]

16. U-turn

U-turn video training resources for CBT learners
Confidence in implementing the u-turn helps in several road scenario’s and can contribute significantly to rider safety. [watch video]

17. Operating gears

Operating gears - motorcycle video training resources
It is important to understand how gears are selected for road conditions, speed, hazards and other circumstances. [watch video]

18. Controlled braking

Controlled braking skills for learner motorcyclists - video training resources
The front brake should only be used when the bike is travelling straight and should not be used in a corner. [watch video]

19. Emergency stop

Key motorcycle skills - CBT emergency stop braking skills
Emergency stops are a last resort, as good planning will prevent the need for such aggressive braking manoeuvres. [watch video]

20. Counter steering

Basic counter steering for learner motorcycle riders
Counter steering takes time to master and learners improve as they invest time in ongoing practice [watch video]

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