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Fantastic free alternative to Zoom (and other web conferencing tools)

Everyday, businesses and individuals save time and money by conducting important meetings online. Some utilise tools like FaceTime and WhatApp, whilst others opt to use professional webinar and meeting/conferencing tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, EverWebinar, WebinarJam, GoToWebinar, Demio and ClickMeeting (to name but a few).

This is a fast evolving way of running one-to-one, team and large conference style meetings, but traditionally it has been relatively expensive to subscribe to one of these packages. At VideoBiker, we’ve tried several with varying results and until recently, we would have said our favourites were Zoom for one-to-one meetings and WebinarJam for group meetings. With the various bells and whistles that we needed, these two meeting/webinar solutions were costing us around £1000 per year.

We were recently invited to try a new webinar/meetings platform called LiveWebinar, which is billed as a very good free alternative to Zoom – ideal for conducting one-to-one and small team meetings (up to five attendees included on LiveWebinar free), with low-cost upgrades that give access to a powerful, innovative and highly effective webinar platform. We’ve tried it, we like it, we’ve purchased it and consequently have cancelled our Zoom and WebinarJam subscriptions. If you are on this page, it’s likely that you’ve just met with us on a one-to-one or group meeting…and if you want free access to LiveWebinar – click here and you will be up and running with your own online meeting/webinar solution in a matter of minutes.

LiveWebinar if FREE for one-to-one and small-team meetings! [sign-up]

LiveWebinar features

LiveWebinars is probably one of the most highly specified online meeting platforms we have seen. We love the ease with which you can live stream to the major social platforms and that full branding options exist (never seen this feature before). We were going to list the features. There are too many, but suffice to say that this fantastic free alternative to Zoom has everything and more. Give it a try.


Earnings disclaimer

Get LiveWebinar free online meeting softwareFree is free and VideoBiker does not earn any revenue for recommending free-of-charge software. If however you opt to upgrade to one of the LiveWebinar paid options, then VideoBiker will be paid a small commission. We hope that this sits ok with you and please note that we would recommend this online meeting software regardless of referral commission! Get LiveWebinar today.