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UK's most comprehensive Module One (MOD 1) tips video guide

The Module One Academy offers comprehensive on-line Module One video resources and has been designed to enhance Module One motorcycle training for learner riders who are preparing for their Module One motorcycle test. Along with this Academy, it is the perfect compliment to Direct Access (DAS), but does not substitute instructor-led training.

How does the Module One Academy work?

The Module One (MOD1) Academy allows test candidates to visually experience all aspects of a Module One test. A full series of MOD 1 test videos offers a point-of-view riders experience, plus an examiners view and complete animation of every MOD 1 exercise. MOD 1 video is complemented by instructor safety tips, fact-sheets, progress tests and a knowledge enhancing MOD 1 audio guide. Participants gain a thorough understanding of MOD1 ahead of their practical MOD1 motorcycle training – increasing the probability of first-time test pass.

Designed to enhance instructor-led practical MOD 1 training, all essential Module One preparation is covered and because of this, academy participants experience less novice rider stress. Academy participants also report increased confidence, safety, enjoyment, skill and faster readiness to book their MOD 1 motorcycle test.

  • Lucas Wright

    Quality, convenient video based training

    Instrumental in guiding a proud first-time Module One pass. [more]

    Lucas Wright, British Army

  • Confidence with motorcycle & Module One U-turn

    Module One test confidence boosted

    Being able to repeatedly watch the videos boosted my confidence. [more]

    Marie Hayne, Company Director

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    Resources boosted to my practical training. 100% recommended. [more]

    Mike Barbour, Jaguar Test Driver

  • Module Two motorcycle test videos to help preparation


    Achieved a greater understanding of the technical aspects. [more]

    Ben Hyde, Medical Marketing Manager

  • Faith Boswell - instrumental to Module One pass success

    Instrumental to passing my MOD1 test

    Simplified & clarified all Module One components. [more]

    Faith Boswell

  • Paul Barrett - Motorcycle Training Instructor


    An excellent instruction enhancing tool for candidates. [more]

    Paul Barrett, Motorcycle Instructor

  • Cheryl Walsh - Module One Academy review - customer testimonials

    Videos really helped me prepare for the test

    Watching the videos helped greatly. Thumbs up from me. [more]

    Cheryl Walsh, Professional

Comprehensive MOD 1 training preparation

The Module One Academy is organised into four sections (Preparation, Left Circuit, Right Circuit and Full tests). These four sections are then further organised into 27 essential Module One test preparation modules.

MOD 1 preparation: (1) Learning to ride a motorcycle, (2) About the Module Two motorcycle test, (3) Explaining the Module One Academy, (4) What a test candidate should take to the MOD 1 test, (5) What a MOD 1 test candidate should wear (protective clothing), (6) Overview of the MOD 1 examiners briefing, (7) Explaining the Motorcycle Manoeuvring Area (MMA) – MOD 1 test area and, (8) Understanding the various MOD 1 rider faults and fails. Left Circuit: 9(L) Entering MOD 1 test area, 10(L) Parking-up, 11(L) Manual handling and motorcycle stands, 12(L) Slalom & figure-of-eight exercises, 13(L) Slow control ride, 14(L) MOD 1 u-turn exercise, 15(L) Riding the left circuit, 16(L) Left circuit controlled stop, 17(L) Left circuit emergency stop, 18(L) Left circuity avoidance exercise and, 19(L) Leaving test area from the left circuit. Right Circuit: 9(R) Entering test area, 10(R) Parking-up, 11(R) Bike handling and stands, 12(R) Slalom and figure-of-eight, 13(R) Slow control ride, 14(R) Right circuit u-turn, 15(R) Riding the right circuit, 16(R) Right circuit controlled stop, 17(R) Right circuit emergency stop, 18(R) Right circuit avoidance exercise and, 19(R) Leaving the MOD 1 test area from the right circuit. Full MOD 1 mock motorcycle tests: (20) Now for Module Two, (21) Take responsibility, (22) Full mod 1 mock tests (right and left), (23) Speed exercises (right and left), (24) Slow control exercises (right and left), (25). Mock MOD 1 test – examiners view (right and left), (26) Full mock MOD 1 test – riders view (right and left) and, (27) MOD 1 board-work and all animations (right and left)

Highly effective MOD 1 test and training preparation

Focus on the needs of MOD 1 test candidates
Ensures effective MOD 1 preparation
Minimises novice rider stress
Enhances MOD 1 practical training
Explains MOD 1 motorcycle riding theory
Increases confidence for test candidates
Covers essential Module One skills
Empowers rider responsibility
Better hazard awareness
Encourages safe riding
Helps riders to pass their MOD 1 test

Structured and logical approach to MOD 1 preparation

Comprehensive MOD 1 video training modules
Detailed informational overviews of all exercises
Easy reference Module One test fact sheets
Access to complete MOD 1 mock tests
Knowledge progress tests
Extra knowledge via MOD 1 audio guides (MP3)
Comprehensive eBook
Instructors top tips
Bike insurance discounts
Member special offers
Unconditional 90-day money guarantee

MOD 1 Academy Instructors - Simon Hayes & Laura Smith

Simon Hayes - learners academy Motorcycle InstructorA full-time instructor since 1991, Simon Hayes is amongst the UK’s most experienced motorcycle training instructors and since 1996 has operated a respected multi-site motorcycle training business. Twenty years of dedication to the highest possible standards of motorcycle training has forged a reputation for motorcycle training excellence.

Laura Smith - Motorcycle Training InstructorVideoBiker is accountable to an independent Advisory Panel. All content is evaluated, with feedback used to valididate content and advise changes. Courses are further verified and sponsored by a nominated instructor. MOD 1 Academy sponsor is full-time instructor, Laura Smith

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