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Module One mock motorcycle test videos (MOD 1 Academy)

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MOD1 Sections

If you are looking for MOD 1 mock motorcycle test videos, you are in the right place. VideoBiker Module One Academy members can access mock MOD 1 test videos with their membership, helping them to better prepare for their test and increase their chances of a first-time test pass. Tests can be accessed in both right and left circuit format, plus include riders point-of-view, examiners view and video animations that explain each exercise in detail.

20. ABOUT Module Two

mod1 full test - a look at the Module Two motorcycle test
Continued professional motorcycle training is best & to progress to Module Two test under supervision. [watch video]

21. Take responsibility

Motorcycle safety videos - Keep it on the black stuff @ VideoBiker
There are dangers in succumbing to peer pressures that cause novices to ride well beyond their ability. [watch video]

22. Full test

Module One motorcycle test - full test video
Watch full sample MOD1 tests, with both right & left circuits + rider view, examiner view & animation. [watch: right | left]


Speed exercises training video - module one motorcycle test (right)
MOD1 footage of just the speed (riding the circuit) exercises – emergency & controlled stop plus avoidance. [watch: right | left]

24. Slow exercises

Slow control exercises - module one test - video
This section is slow control exercises only, including: slalom, figure-of-eight and the slow control ride. [watch: right | left]

25. Examiners view

MOD1 Bike Test - examiners view (right) - mod1 full test
Watch sample MOD1 tests through the eyes of the examiner for a useful perspective on all exercises. [right | left]

26. Riders View

Module one bike test video - full test - riders view
See the whole MOD1 test through the eyes of a novice rider. A very useful perspective on this test. [watch: right | left]

27. Board-work

Module one board instruction - video
Run through all detailed animated instructor narrations of the whole MOD1 test, both right & left circuits. [right | left]


20. Now for Module Two
21. Take responsibility
22. Full test: Right | Left
23. Speed: Right | Left
24. Slow control: Right | Left
25. Examiners: Right | Left
26. Riders: Right | Left
27. Board-work: Right | Left


Simon Hayes (Instructor)
Laura Smith (Advisor)