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MOD1 full test - left & right circuits

MOD1 full test samples, along with an overview of Module Two and essential take responsibility tips for novice riders, this section offers full MOD1 sample tests, including both right and left test circuits. Included are complete riders view, examiners view and narrated animations, with the speed exercises and slow control exercises isolated in their own MOD1 full test overview videos. It’s a very good idea to watch all videos in conjunction with the detailed instructor top tips audio books, along with the Module One fact-sheets and knowledge tests. Using the full resources of VideoBiker enhances learning and results in a higher probability of a first-time module one test pass.

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MOD1 Sections

If you are looking for MOD 1 mock motorcycle test videos, you are in the right place. VideoBiker Module One Academy members can access mock MOD 1 test videos with their membership, helping them to better prepare for their test and increase their chances of a first-time test pass. Tests can be accessed in both right and left circuit format, plus include riders point-of-view, examiners view and video animations that explain each exercise in detail.

20. ABOUT Module Two

mod1 full test - a look at the Module Two motorcycle test
Continued professional motorcycle training is best & to progress to Module Two test under supervision. [watch video]

21. Take responsibility

Motorcycle safety videos - Keep it on the black stuff @ VideoBiker
There are dangers in succumbing to peer pressures that cause novices to ride well beyond their ability. [watch video]

22. Full test

Module One motorcycle test - full test video
Watch full sample MOD1 tests, with both right & left circuits + rider view, examiner view & animation. [watch: right | left]


Speed exercises training video - module one motorcycle test (right)
MOD1 footage of just the speed (riding the circuit) exercises – emergency & controlled stop plus avoidance. [watch: right | left]

24. Slow exercises

Slow control exercises - module one test - video
This section is slow control exercises only, including: slalom, figure-of-eight and the slow control ride. [watch: right | left]

25. Examiners view

MOD1 Bike Test - examiners view (right) - mod1 full test
Watch sample MOD1 tests through the eyes of the examiner for a useful perspective on all exercises. [right | left]

26. Riders View

Module one bike test video - full test - riders view
See the whole MOD1 test through the eyes of a novice rider. A very useful perspective on this test. [watch: right | left]

27. Board-work

Module one board instruction - video
Run through all detailed animated instructor narrations of the whole MOD1 test, both right & left circuits. [right | left]

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20. Now for Module Two
21. Take responsibility
22. Full test: Right | Left
23. Speed: Right | Left
24. Slow control: Right | Left
25. Examiners: Right | Left
26. Riders: Right | Left
27. Board-work: Right | Left


Simon Hayes (Instructor)
Laura Smith (Advisor)

Kenneth Topley,
Lighting Technician

Found that key information was sticking

VideoBiker has been an invaluable tool in helping me to understand the correct and safe procedures for learning to ride a motorcycle. Their clear instruction helped me to better learn what was needed to ride safely and by watching them several times, I found that key information was sticking and becoming an effective part of my riding. [more]