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MOD1 left circuit exercises

MOD 1 left circuit exercises demand test instruction and practice. They include a series of slow-control and circuit based speed exercises. The purpose of these exercises is to replicate road riding scenarios, to show that the candidate is sufficiently skilled to ride safely on the road. For example, the slow control ride tests a candidates ability to deal safely with slow moving traffic. The controlled stop assess a riders ability to stop correctly at a junction and the avoidance exercise, simulates commonly encountered road situations, where a rider might need to avoid a fast developing hazard i.e. a pedestrian stepping in to the road or a car door being opened suddenly. Riding the circuit exercises also assess a candidates steering, forward observation, positioning and use of speed.

Minimum time required to complete Module One Academy (Left Circuit)

9(L). Entering area

mod1 left circuit - Entering module one test area (left circuit)
The MOD1 test starts as soon as the candidate sits on their bike. How a candidate enters the test area is assessed.  [watch video]

10(L). Parking-up

Parking-up for module one motorcycle test (left)
Parking-up is the first MOD1 exercise & an opportunity for the candidate to relax, look around & calm any nerves. [watch video]

11(L). Handling

MOD 1 manual handling & stands
Whichever approach is used for the handling exercise, practice & familiarity with a motorcycle are important. [watch video]

12(L). Slalom & Fig-8

Motorcycle slalom & figure-of-eight
The slow control skills required for this slow exercise are the same as required for several on-road riding scenarios. [watch video]

13(L). Slow ride

Slow control ride (left) - module one test
This walking pace slow speed exercise involves slow control, good balance, forward observation & head position. [watch video]

14(L). U-turn

MOD 1 U-turn
Riders should not look down at the controls, but should instead keep their head up & look in the direction of travel. [watch video]

15(L). Circuit rides

Riding the circuit & speed requirement - module one test (left)
Key to riding the circuit correctly is professional MOD1 motorcycle training & sufficient practice, ideally on-site. [watch video]

16(L). Controlled stop

MOD 1 Controlled stop
Whilst the controlled stop is the easiest circuit exercise, failing to stop correctly will still result in a test failure. [watch video]

17(L). Emergency stop

Emergency stop on motorcycle for mod 1 bike test
On today’s busy & congested roads, it is vital that a rider has sufficient skill to carry out a safe emergency stop. [watch video]

18(L). Avoidance

Avoidance exercise - mod 1 bike test (left circuit)
With many potential scenarios, having the skill to implement an avoidance manoeuvre is essential to rider safety. [watch video]

19(L). Leaving area

Leaving MOD 1 test area
The MOD1 tests ends when the candidate dismounts, having left the teat area. Care must be taken until the very end. [watch video]

MOD1 Sections

Preparation (1-8)
Left circuit (9L-19L)
Right circuit (9R-19R)
Full tests (20-27)


9(L). Entering test area
10(L). Parking-up
11(L). Handling & stands
12(L). Slalom & fig-8
13(L). Slow control ride
14(L). U-turn
15(L). Riding the circuit
16(L). Controlled stop
17(L). Emergency stop
18(L). Avoidance
19(L). Leaving test area


Simon Hayes (Instructor)
Laura Smith (Advisor)