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MOD1 left circuit exercises

Module One Academy Left Circuit video trainingMOD 1 left circuit exercises demand ongoing instruction and practice. They include slow-control and circuit based speed exercises – designed to replicate road riding scenarios and to show sufficient skills to ride safely on the road. For example, the slow control ride tests a candidates ability to deal safely with slow moving traffic. The controlled stop assess a riders ability to stop correctly at a junction and the avoidance exercise, simulates commonly encountered road situations, where a rider might need to avoid a fast developing hazard. Riding the circuit exercises also assess a candidates steering, forward observation, positioning and use of speed.

Minimum time required to complete Module One Academy (Left Circuit)

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9(L). Entering area

mod1 left circuit - Entering module one test area (left circuit)
The MOD1 test starts as soon as the candidate sits on their bike. How a candidate enters the test area is assessed.  [watch video]

10(L). Parking-up

Parking-up for module one motorcycle test (left)
Parking-up is the first MOD1 exercise & an opportunity for the candidate to relax, look around & calm any nerves. [watch video]

11(L). Handling

MOD 1 manual handling & stands
Whichever approach is used for the handling exercise, practice & familiarity with a motorcycle are important. [watch video]

12(L). Slalom & Fig-8

Motorcycle slalom & figure-of-eight
The slow control skills required for this slow exercise are the same as required for several on-road riding scenarios. [watch video]

13(L). Slow ride

Slow control ride (left) - module one test
This walking pace slow speed exercise involves slow control, good balance, forward observation & head position. [watch video]

14(L). U-turn

MOD 1 U-turn
Riders should not look down at the controls, but should instead keep their head up & look in the direction of travel. [watch video]

15(L). Circuit rides

Riding the circuit & speed requirement - module one test (left)
Key to riding the circuit correctly is professional MOD1 motorcycle training & sufficient practice, ideally on-site. [watch video]

16(L). Controlled stop

MOD 1 Controlled stop
Whilst the controlled stop is the easiest circuit exercise, failing to stop correctly will still result in a test failure. [watch video]

17(L). Emergency stop

Emergency stop on motorcycle for mod 1 bike test
On today’s busy & congested roads, it is vital that a rider has sufficient skill to carry out a safe emergency stop. [watch video]

18(L). Avoidance

Avoidance exercise - mod 1 bike test (left circuit)
With many potential scenarios, having the skill to implement an avoidance manoeuvre is essential to rider safety. [watch video]

19(L). Leaving area

Leaving MOD 1 test area
The MOD1 tests ends when the candidate dismounts, having left the teat area. Care must be taken until the very end. [watch video]

MOD1 Sections

Preparation (1-8)
Left circuit (9L-19L)
Right circuit (9R-19R)
Full tests (20-27)


9(L). Entering test area
10(L). Parking-up
11(L). Handling & stands
12(L). Slalom & fig-8
13(L). Slow control ride
14(L). U-turn
15(L). Riding the circuit
16(L). Controlled stop
17(L). Emergency stop
18(L). Avoidance
19(L). Leaving test area


Simon Hayes (Instructor)
Laura Smith (Advisor)