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MOD1 right circuit exercises

Module One motorcycle training videos right circuit exercisesThe MOD1 examiner will decide which circuit to use. There are subtle differences with each and it is important for candidates to be familiar with both MOD1 right circuit exercises and the left circuit. Each circuit includes manual handling, slow control and riding the circuit exercises – all of which are intended to emulate the demands of riding a motorcycle on the roads. The controlled stop shows stopping control as it would be required at junctions. The emergency stop and avoidance exercise demonstrate more aggressive stopping skills. The slow control ride, slalom and figure-of-eight allow the rider to demonstrate focused slow control skills, as they might be required in certain situations i.e. in slow moving traffic.

Minimum time required to complete Module One Academy (Right Circuit)

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9(R). Entering area

Entering the test centre - module one motorcycle test - right circuit video
Candidates should relax, avoid rushing & ensure effective observations. MOD1 assessment has begun. [watch video]

10(R). Parking-up

How to park up for module one motorcycle test area
Riding a wide & slow arc before parking-up is an opportunity to overcome any last minute nerves. [watch video]

11(R). Handling

Parking up in bay video - mod1 motorcycle test - right circuit
Prior to starting manual handling, the stand should be properly stowed & the bike must be in neutral. [watch video]

12(R). Slalom & fig-8

MOD1 bike test - slalom & figure-of-eight - video (right circuit)
This exercise takes focused handling, plus coordination of throttle, clutch, gears, steering & rear brake. [watch video]

13(R). Slow ride

Slow control ride - Mod 1 motorcycle test - right circuit video
The slow control ride simulates the walking pace balance & control required if in slow moving traffic. [watch video]

14(R). U-turn

MOD 1 motorcycle test - u-turn video - right circuit
The u-turn exercise simulates a turn in the road, as if turning between two kerbs & is if on a live road. [watch video]

15(R). Circuit rides

Riding the circuit video - motorcycle module one test - right circuit
Candidates must ride the circuit at least three times during the MOD1 test. Instruction & practice are vital. [watch video]

16(R). Controlled stop

Controlled stop exercise during module one motorcycle test (right circuit)
This exercise has no speed requirements & candidates are usually taught to treat this like a normal junction. [watch video]

17(R). Emergency stop

MOD 1 Emergency stop
Candidates must observe specific speed requirements. Professional emergency stop training & practice is essential  [watch video]

18(R). Avoidance

MOD 1 Avoidance exercise for MOD1 bike test
Mastering avoidance is essential to rider safety – often needed when other road users fail to look properly. [watch video]

19(R). Leaving area

Leaving the module one test area after module one bike test
Even with a good MOD1 test, there is still room for error. MOD1 ends when the candidate dismounts. [watch video]

MOD1 Sections

Preparation (1-8)
Left circuit (9L-19L)
Right circuit (9R-19R)
Full tests (20-27)


9(R). Entering test area
10(R). Parking-up
11(R). Handling & stands
12(R). Slalom & fig-8
13(R). Slow control ride
14(R). U-turn
15(R). Riding the circuit
16(R). Controlled stop
17(R). Emergency stop
18(R). Avoidance
19(R). Leaving test area


Simon Hayes (Instructor)
Laura Smith (Advisor)