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Module two test preparation videos

Preparing for Module Two motorcycle training videosSee below for on-line module two test preparation videos to help Module Two and DAS candidates to better prepare for the Module Two motorcycle test. Preparation includes awareness of the eyesight test, health declaration and residency declaration. Candidates should invest time in knowing the pillion and motorcycle safety questions. In addition, understanding how rider faults are measured, along with awareness of the examiners briefing can help. Other module two test preparation videos include: documents and clothing, test centre arrival and how to correctly carry out motorcycle pre-ride checks.

Minimum time required to complete Module Two Academy (Preparation)

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1. Learning to ride

Learning to ride a motorcycle - module two
MOD 2 is more advanced than CBT, with a lot to learn. Sufficient training with a good school is imperative.  [watch video]

2. MOD 2 overview

Module Two overview
A DIY approach to Module Two is not wise. Access this video for an overview of what to expect on MOD 2 training. [watch video]

3. Academy explained

Module Two Academy explained
MOD 2 Academy explained & how this on-line resource is a powerful companion when taking Module Two. [watch video]

4. Admin & clothing

Module Two clothing & documents
Both the wrong clothing or missing documentation can result in a cancelled Module Two test. Be prepared! [watch video]

5. Test centre arrival

module two test preparation videos - Arriving test centre for MOD 2 bike test
A well managed, planned test centre arrival can greatly reduce stress & increase the opportunity for a first-time pass. [watch video]

6. Examiners briefing

Mod 2 examiners briefing
Examiners briefings are usually short, factual & non-instructional. Clarification can be sought if needed. [watch video]

7. Rider faults & fails

MOD 2 faults & fails
Faults & fails are usually the result of insufficient preparation & are a measure of a riders safety on the road. [watch video]

8. Eyesight test

MOD 2 eyesight test
It is the candidates responsibility to ensure their own eyesight health. If in doubt – get an opticians eyesight test. [watch video]

9. Health declaration

MOD 2 health declaration
The health declaration is a legal document that places responsibility firmly on the shoulders of the candidate.  [watch video]

10. Residency

MOD 2 residency declaration
Only UK residents are eligible to take a UK bike test. Wrongly signing can have serious legal consequences. [watch video]

11. Eco-safe riding

module two test preparation videos - Eco-safe riding
ECO-safe riding & it’s benefits are looked at by the examiner but not marked as part of the Module Two test. [watch video]

12. Pre-ride checks

Motorcycle pre-ride checks
Candidates must remember that the test has began and that observations of pre-ride checks are being made. [watch video]

13. Safety questions

Motorcycle safety questions
Whilst there are specific safety questions to answer, the jugular ones relate to tyres, brakes and chain. [watch video]

14. Pillion questions

Pillion safety questions for MOD 2 test
Pillion weight, along with how they move & position can have an impact on handling, braking, cornering & lights. [watch video]