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MOD 2 mock motorcycle test video tips (MOD 2 Academy)

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Watching mock MOD 2 motorcycle test videos can help

Sadly, some MOD 2 test candidates do well throughout their test only to fail on their return to the test centre. Candidates need to remember that the MOD 2 test only ends when their motorcycle is safely on it’s stand with the engine off. An excellent way of being even better prepared is to watch professionally narrated mock MOD 2 motorcycle tests. VideoBiker can help with this.

46. Independent ride

MOD 2 independent ride
Candidates are shown a map route & three directions. They must complete the route & safely pull over. [watch video]

47. Back to test centre

Returning to the test centre (MOD 2)
There is still room for error so remain vigilant until bike is safely parked, on its stand & the engine is turned off. [watch video]

48. First road ride

First motorcycle road ride
New riders should treat both their motorcycle & the roads with respect, whilst accepting that their ability is low. [watch video]

49. Further training

Further motorcycle training
Stay safe, keep it on the black stuff & opt for an ongoing journey of progressive motorcycle training. [watch video]

50. Take responsibility

Rider responsibility is not delegating road safety to others
Relying on others for rider safety is not wise. It is the riders who must take responsibility for their safety. [watch video]

51. Mock test (1)

Module Two motorcycle test - video of example test route
MOD 2 Academy opportunity to experience a sample MOD 2 test route & 30 minute example mock module one test. [watch video]

52. Mock Test (2)

Motorcycle test - example module two test route
Second highly representative sample MOD 2 test route & 30 minute example full Module Two mock motorcycle test. [watch video]