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Module two junction guide videos

Module Two junction guide motorcycle training videosThis Module Two junction guide gives Academy members access to a comprehensive series of on-line videos and other MOD 2 resources. Included within the module two junction guide are junctions that are commonly encountered on the MOD2 motorcycle test. These videos include instructional tips, along with rider video footage. Accompanying the module two junction guide are corresponding fact-sheets, enhanced informational audio guides and knowledge progress tests. These resources work together to enhance a learner riders ability to understand and deal with the most commonly encountered junctions.

Minimum time required to complete Module Two Academy (Junction Guide)

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32. Join carriageway

Joining dual carriageways - module two motorcycle training
Traffic behind may be accelerating quickly to join & vehicles already on the carriageway may be travelling faster. [watch video]

33. Leave carriageway

Leaving dual carriageways module two motorcycle test
Use forward observation, judgement, positioning & timely indication. Both brakes will likely be needed. [watch video]

34. Single overtake

module two junction guide - Overtaking single vehicles on a motorcycle (MOD 2)
Once an overtake is complete, a candidates should move back to the driving lane at the earliest opportunity. [watch video]

35. Large overtake

How to overtake large vehicles on a motorcycle during module two
Large vehicles downdrafts can shift a bikes position & in wet conditions, vision can be badly affected by road spray. [watch video]

36. Multiple overtake

Overtaking multiple vehicles - how to overtake several vehicles on a motorcycle
When overtaking multiple vehicles, assessing a return position is facilitated by looking as far forward as required. [watch video]

37. One-way left

Turning left - one-way streets - on a motorcycle
Turning left in a one-way street (T-junction or side road), candidates should use the OSMPSL routine & position left.  [watch video]

38. One-way right

module two junction guide - One-way streets turning right on a motorcycle on Module Two test
Turning right at a T-Junction in a one-way street is a mirror image of the left turn & requires the OSMPSL routine. [watch video]

39. Side roads left

Turning left into side roads on the Module Two bike test
Normal position is slightly left of centre (left wheel track). Be aware of hazards – drains, leaves, gravel & vehicles. [watch video]

40. Side roads right

Turning right into side roads on MOD2 test
Right into a side road is a difficult turn for novice riders. Position is right of lane, close to the centre of the road. [watch video]

41. T junctions left

Turning left T junctions - mod 2 test instruction
Indicate & slow down early. Look early into junction, with good road position & be ready to stop or ride on. [watch video]

42. T junctions right

Turning right t-junction on MOD2 motorcycle test
Right at a T-Junction, requires candidates to give-way in two directions & a requirement to cross two lanes of traffic. [watch video]

43. R/abouts left

Roundabouts turning left on MOD 2 test
Left at roundabouts is like turning left at regular junctions, but with a central position to stop vehicles squeezing by. [watch video]

44. R/abouts ahead

Roundabouts straight ahead for module two test success
Approaching a roundabout & there is no further instruction, go straight ahead at the roundabout (2nd exit). [watch video]

45. R/abouts right

Roundabouts turning right
Right at roundabouts is a complex manoeuvre for novices & requires practical motorcycle training. [watch video]