Other Module One exercises

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Other MOD 1 exercises

Other Module One (MOD 1) exercises

Often overlooked is the importance of how a candidate both enters and leaves the Module One test area. Whilst the test may not have officially started, the ‘exercise’ of entering the test area is the examiners first opportunity to assess a riders confidence and skills. Following the slow control and circuit exercises, sometimes candidates ruin an otherwise positive test outcome by how the leave the test centre and with mistakes made in how they place their machine on to it’s stand. These two ‘exercises’ should not be overlooked. In this section, we also take a look at the important subject of ‘taking responsibility‘ and keeping things on the black stuff, along with a look at Module Two.

Entering MMA

Entering the test centre - module one motorcycle test - right circuit video
It’s important for MOD 1 candidates to enter the test area in an appropriate manner – safely and with good observations. [more]

Leaving MMA

Leaving the mod1 motorcycle test area (left circuit)
Whilst all exercises are now complete, how a candidate leaves the MOD 1 test area to park-up, can still impact the result. [more]

Module Two

Now for Module Two motorcycle training
Following MOD 1 is the MOD 2 motorcycle test, both of which are required to gain a ‘full’ motorcycle licence. [more]


Motorcycle safety videos - Keep it on the black stuff @ VideoBiker
Rider safety has no room for arrogance. Riders are encouraged to instead take responsibility & seek further training. [more]

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