Entering MOD 1 test area

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Entering MOD 1 test area

Top tips - Entering MOD 1 test area

Entering the MOD 1 test area is important. MOD 1 candidates are advised to act as if the Module One test has begun as soon as they arrive at the test centre and that once they are in view of the examiner, that assessments are being made. At all times, candidates should act as if they are on a public road, ensuring that road safety measures and observations are constantly being carried out. Candidates should listen carefully and always seek clarification where needed. The candidate be invited to enter the MOD 1 test area (also known as the Motorcycle Manoeuvring Area) and to park just inside the gates. Candidates should listen carefully, think and not rush! A good approach to entering the MOD 1 test area is as follows:

  • Sit on bike, start bike & select 1st gear
  • Rear observations & If safe, ride forward
  • Stop where indicated & select neutral
  • Await further instructions from instructor

Entering MOD 1 test area

Entering MOD 1 test area
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