Module Two overview

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MOD 2 overview - a look at the Module Two motorcycle test

Top tips - MOD 2 overview

Both parts of the two-part practical motorcycle test (MOD 1 & MOD 2) must be passed within two years of the motorcycle theory test. Module Two (MOD 2) is a ‘pursuit’ style, road-based assessment of a rider’s road skills. Test routes cover a wide variety of road and traffic situations, including an independent ride scenario. The Module Two test will generally take around 40 minutes.

Candidates are advised to book their Module Two training and test through a motorcycle training school and to ensure that sufficient time is invested in Instructor-led MOD 2 training. Professional instruction is essential. It ensures a much higher probability of a first-time pass, but more importantly results in much higher overall rider competence and road safety. Alongside the Module Two Academy, candidates can save time, money and headaches by investing in professional MOD 2 training. In doing so, the outcome will be a safer, more confident and significantly more skilled rider. Taking a DIY approach to Module Two preparation is not recommended.

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