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Take responsibility & Keep it on the black stuff @ VideoBiker

Riders must take responsibility

Whilst MOD 1 motorcycle training should not focus a riders mind on dangerous outcomes, the truth is that motorcyclists account for too high a percentage of road casualties in the UK. At VideoBiker, our mission is to help riders to ‘keep it on the black stuff’ and our belief is that key to this is rider responsibility i.e. that riders 100% take responsibility and not delegate their safety to other road users.

Accident statistics report that 69% of motorcycle accidents occur at junctions. Furthermore, 24% of these accidents are the outcome of poor observation on the part of other road users. An attitude of ‘take responsibility’ demands that all riders ask themselves: what they can do to take more responsibility. This might involve being more visible, learning how to more effectively anticipate the actions of other road users and beginning the process of adopting defensive riding techniques.

Taking responsibility has no room for rider arrogance. All riders, regardless of experience, must recognise that seldom does their perceived ability match their actual ability. With such an open mindset, the importance of ongoing motorcycle training is clear. Options to improve include the Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS), BikeSafe, RoSPA, the IAM and VideoBiker Advanced Academy.

Starting as early as possible, novice riders are encouraged to take responsibility and to make a commitment to ongoing advanced motorcycle training and to remember that rider safety nearly always resides in the hands of the rider. Keep it on the black stuff!

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