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MOD 1 examiners briefing

Examiners briefing is concise

With sufficient practice and an adequate number of lessons prior to the Module One test, students can be fully prepared and know what to expect from the MOD 1 examiners briefing. 30 minutes is allocated for each Module One test and with only 10-15 minutes required within the Motorcycle Manoeuvring Area, there are no time pressures and there is no requirement to rush.

The MOD 1 examiner’s briefing will mostly be concise and to the point. General instructions include: (1) don’t hit any cones, and (2) carry out all relevant safety observations. With the aid of a diagram, the examiner will individually explain the requirements of each Module One exercise.

If a manoeuvre is attempted, but clearly misunderstood, the examiner may invite a second attempt. Where mandatory speed requirements are not met (emergency stop and avoidance), a second attempt will generally be instructed. If asked, most examiners will advise the measured speed and this can help students to reach the required speed on their second attempt.

VideoBiker Advisory Panel advice

“Remember to present all required documents and to wear adequate protective clothing. Failure to comply with either could result in a cancelled test” – Mike Harbon, Motorcycle Instructor & Advanced Rider (IAM & RoSPA).

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