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MOD 1 test area

About the MOD 1 test area

MOD 1 test areaDuring the examiners briefing and during the test, the examiner will at times reference a diagram of the MOD 1 test area, which is officially termed the Motorcycle Manoeuvring Area (MMA). Official diagrams of the MOD 1 test area are available here. Whilst there can be differences in entry gate position and layout, all MOD 1 test areas include the same exercises, along with the option of both left and right circuit. For test consistency, MOD 1 cone colour and position, along with the dimensions of each exercise are all the same. The MMA is flat, with high friction tarmac and is 5000 square meters in size (125 metres by 40 metres).

The MOD 1 test area is set up to assess: stands, manual handling, slalom, figure-of-eight, u-turn, cornering, circuit ride, controlled stop, emergency stop and avoidance. Exercises follow in turn and for the circuit exercises, specific speed requirements apply. For the specifics of each MOD 1 test area exercise, please see individual links.

Familiarity with the test area pays dividends and many professional motorcycle instructors will organise for candidates to practice on the MMA as part of their MOD 1 motorcycle training. The Module One Academy is another excellent way to become familiar with MMA layout and to ‘revisit’ many times ahead of the MOD 1 test.

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