MOD 1 test faults & fails

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MOD 1 test faults & fails

Up to five minor rider faults may be allowed

Up to five minor MOD 1 test faults (that do not adversely impact on safety) can be allowed. Minor faults can include: missed gear changes, ‘minor’ skids and stalling. Being too slow for the emergency stop and/or the avoidance exercise, could also count as a minor fault. Missed observations can be minor faults, but if safety dictates, can be recorded as major MOD 1 test faults – resulting in a fail. Five or less non-dangerous minor faults would, in most cases result in a Module One pass. [more]

One major fault will also result in a fail

More than five minor MOD 1 test faults will normally result in a fail. One major fault will also result in a fail and in most cases, too many missed observations will result in a fail. Major faults are usually rider errors that could present danger to the rider or other road users. Major faults can include:

  • Too many missed observations
  • Putting a foot down (depending on severity)
  • Making contact with course marker cones
  • Failing to complete a manoeuvre
  • Failing to reach a mandatory speed
  • An uncontrolled/dangerous skid
  • Failing to stop in the correct place
  • Taking too long to stop

Continue - unless advised otherwise

In the event of a dangerous fault or unsafe riding, the examiner will normally stop the test. Riders are otherwise advised to continue and not to assume the worst or keep their own ‘score’.

“If you make a mistake – forget it, keep going and don’t convince yourself that you have failed. There are plenty, who think they had failed, only to be awarded a pass.” – Mike Harbon, Instructor & Advanced Rider (IAM & RoSPA).

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