Module One academy explained

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Module One Academy explained

The module one academy

The VideoBiker Module One Academy does not substitute professional motorcycle training. It has been structured to enhance the skills and knowledge gained through Module One (MOD1) training when delivered through a qualified motorcycle training instructor. VideoBiker does not recommend nor endorse a ‘DIY’ approach to Module One motorcycle training. For students embarking on Module One training for the first time, there is a lot to take in. This is especially true for those with limited motorcycle riding experience and compounded by instructors having to teach more than one student at the same time.

Put together by a team of experienced instructors

The Module One Academy has been put together by a team of highly experienced, skilled and qualified motorcycle instructors. It has been further enhanced through student feedback and then endorsed by an independent Advisory Panel. Content includes:

  • Comprehensive instructional video modules
  • Complete Module One mock tests
  • Corresponding MP3 audio books
  • Comprehensive fact sheets
  • Tests to measure student progress
  • Motorcycle Instructor top tips

A better skilled, more confident and safer rider

The goal of the Module One Academy is a better skilled, more confident and safer rider. The course enhances a student’s Module One training experience through pre-learning and the opportunity to ‘experience’, visualise and internalise the core components of the Module One course via instructional video content.

To maximise understanding, students can watch the Module One videos as many times as they like, plus listen to concise audio versions, read corresponding fact-sheets and complete module tests. The outcome is an enhanced, better prepared, less stressed Module One experience – where instructors are more empowered to train, as students are better prepared and more able to take on essential Module One/safe motorcycle riding skills.

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