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About Module One motorcycle test

A network of Motorcycle Manoeuvring Areas

Module One motorcycle tests take place throughout the UK at a network of purpose built Motorcycle Manoeuvring Areas. The Module One motorcycle test assesses that a rider is safe and has sufficient control of a motorcycle to proceed to the on-road requirements of Module Two testing. The Module Two motorcycle test includes a variety of slow-control manoeuvres, manual handling exercises and high-speed manoeuvres.

Whilst there are some subtle variations, each Motorcycle Manoeuvring Area (Module One test area) is virtually identical. One notable difference can be the position of the entry gates, which can vary from site-to-site. Critically, each site is identical in size, ‘road’ surface (high friction tarmac), cone position and the overall dimensions of each exercise.

Book through a local motorcycle training school

Booking a Module One motorcycle test requires a valid driving licence, along with Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and theory test certificates – both of which must be in date. Although Module One tests can be booked direct, it is advisable to book Module One training (including the test) through a local motorcycle training school. Module One training should result in much higher levels of preparation, confidence, skill and safety – plus on-the-whole, statistics prove higher first-time pass rates and lower training costs.

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