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Module One test paperwork - what to take

Cancelled Module One test

Preparation will pay dividends. Don’t leave things to the last minute or overlook the required Module One paperwork. Failure to provide the correct documents will result in a cancelled Module One test and loss of associated test fees.

Mandatory Module One test paperwork

  • Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) certificate that is in date and correctly filled out.
  • UK driving licence: current full or provisional UK photo-card driving licence. Driving licence photographs are valid for 10 years. Address must be accurate or changes section must have been completed. For paper licence holders (no photo-card), a valid UK passport is required.
  • Theory test certificate: in-date/valid motorcycle theory test pass certificate (valid for two years).
  • Motorcycle: of the correct engine size, road legal, taxed and with full-sized learner plates to the front and rear. Requirements can be clarified with a local motorcycle training instructor.
  • Be on time: there are no allowances for being late and missing a test booking will result in a lost test-fee. Test date changes can usually be made direct via the DVSA or through your motorcycle training school.

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