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MOD 1 Avoidance exercise for MOD1 bike test

Top tips - MOD 1 avoidance exercise

The final speed exercise is the MOD 1 avoidance exercise. Key to this exercise is practice. It is generally accepted that 2nd gear is best and works well for all bikes. Exiting the curve – accelerate to 35mph, then drop the power at the first set of red cones. This transfers weight to the front wheel, which aids steering and results in a speed of 32mph at the speed camera. It is vital to look between and beyond the two blue avoidance cones and not to focus on them. After the avoidance, gently steer back, lightly applying a little rear brake and then when straight and upright, use both brakes. Do not use the front brake whilst still turning! A second attempt is generally allowed if the student fails to reach the required speed. To carry out the MOD 1 avoidance exercise:

  • 1st gear & carry out rear observations
  • Look & ride forward – 2nd gear & max 20 mph
  • In curve, position 1 mtr from red cones
  • Avoid braking & maintain 19 mph in curve
  • At centre point, look for 2nd cone (as guide)
  • Turn towards blue cones to straighten exit
  • Accelerate & maintain 35 mph
  • At the first set of red cones – power off
  • Go through speed camera at 32 mph (50 km/h)
  • Look through (not at) blue cones
  • Swerve through the two blue avoidance cones
  • Look & steer towards blue cones at end
  • Lightly apply rear brake to slow down
  • When bike straightens up, apply front brake
  • Stop between blue cones at end
  • Select neutral & await further instructions

Avoidance exercise - speed requirements

In the circuit: 19 mph (30 km/h) – required*
At the speed camera: 32 mph (50 km/h) – required

Avoidance exercise (MOD 1)

MOD 1 avoidance exercise
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